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Production Services

At Canis Television & Media, our team of broadcast professionals take your television concept and turn it into engaging programming that delivers your message or creative vision with maximum impact.


Content Creation

We can work with you from the concept stage right through to getting your content on screen. Whether it is programming or commercial copy, we have experience in most genres including entertainment, personal finance, travel, property, gaming, teleshopping and music programming.


Canis Television & Media is experienced in creating branded content and can help with your channel branding, promos and interstitials. We also advise on how best to promote your channel, both on and off screen with our in-house PR and marketing team.

Executive Production

From creating studio-based or location-based content in house, to commissioning third party suppliers on your behalf, we can manage all of your production needs. We are very experienced in overseeing all creative output and monitoring budgets. Some clients ask us to act as executive producer with other production companies.


From writing 30-second spot advertisements to 30-minute infomercials, from teleshopping scripts to financially compliant “How to” guides, Canis Television & Media gets your message on screen quickly and within the relevant regulatory guidelines.


Canis Television & Media is an expert in compliance, whether it is for editorial, shopping, long form or short form commercials. We will ensure that your content or advertisement has maximum impact and meets the tight rules and regulations that govern UK broadcasting.

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