Connected TV

Join the Connected TV revolution with Connected Freeview

Launch to an ever-growing connected Freeview audience, reach 12.7million connected TV homes and drive new, incremental, Digital TV revenues with your content.

An opportunity to engage with 'Cord-Cutters', hard to reach, light-linear TV viewers. Broadcast content still accounts for 2/3rds of all video viewing, across all devices. BARB are able to measure any BARB reported channel on Connected TV's, in addition to the channels allotted Freeview LCN. There is unlimited capacity for future channels to be added.

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Key learnings from consumer behaviour conducted by IAB


  • Ads relevant to the programme were preferred

  • Viewers made a direct link between the programming and the ad content. The experience was described as immersive, seamless and preferred.


(Broadcaster VOD)

A video content service delivered by a broadcaster, typically funded by advertising and therefore free to the user, can increase their revenue streams.


(Dynamic Ad Insertion)

Campaign optimisation technology that allows advertisers to dynamically change ads within VOD content, i.e. swap the ad creative shown, making it possible to target specific viewers rather than serving the same advert to each viewer.

  • Digital video advertising revenues have seen 17% YoY rise (2018/2019), whilst traditional TV revenue has declined. 

  • Connected Freeview can record IP address of viewer, number of impressions and extent of advert watched.

  • By 2023, UK is expected to be the world's third largest OTT market with a revenue of $6.8 billion.

Source IAB Connected TV report 2019 

Benefits of Connected Freeview through Channelbox

  • Futureproof your Freeview capacity and audience reach.

  • IP delivery of TV channels, radio stations, audio books and podcasts, using the Freeview platform.

  • Unique Dynamic Ad insertion technology on Freeview, to generate incremental revenues.​

  • Exceptional value for money; with entry level positions on Channelbox, Freeview channel 271, at greatly reduced costs to that of other platforms. Channelbox is a bundle of free to air channels, all delivered to Freeview viewers by IP.

  • Carries HD or SD linear streaming and VOD services. VOD services do not need an Ofcom licence, and Channelbox offers its own CMS (content management system) to upload, store and play your content.

  • Interface defaults to the last channel watched by household, so ‘favourite friendly'.

  • TV channels can also secure their own Connected Freeview EPG LCN (channel number), if required.

Benefits to BARB reported channels

  • Connected Freeview is already measured and reported by BARB  as ‘Other platforms’.

  • Incremental revenues can be obtained through increased impacts, with no additional cost except for carriage cost on Connected Freeview.

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) offers considerably higher CPM from Digital ad agencies, than normal airtime rates. (CPM £10 -15).

  • Use your own advertising media partner, or our partner Media 16 can offer media solution.


Benefits to non-BARB TV channels and content owners


  • Ability to offer Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) to Digital ad agencies through their current advertising media partner or through our media sales house partner, Media 16.

  • Considerably higher CPM advertising rates than linear traditional media.

  • Content owners can launch their own channel, either as VOD, or a linear stream.

  • Canis Television and Media offer a turnkey solution to new entrants, including obtaining your Ofcom licence, or offering full broadcast operations and services for an existing channel.

Channels already delivered to Channelbox, Freeview 271, by Canis Media



  • 95% of UK homes can receive Freeview

  • 11.3million UK homes ONLY receive Freeview


Connected TV


  • 27million homes with TV's (95% of the UK)

  • 80% of UK homes have a Broadband connection

  • 47% of UK homes have a smart TV (predicted to reach 56% by 2023)

  • 13.2million homes have Smart TV's connected to the internet


The UK Connected TV (CTV) market has been gaining momentum over the last 12 months as audiences have continued to diversify their TV viewing habits and, in turn, brands have started tapping into the exciting opportunities that CTV advertising presents.

Source: IAB Changing the Channel: A comprehensive guide to Connected TV

US figures are not to be ignored, with programmatic TV ad spend estimated at $4.73 billion in 2018.

Source: Martyn Bentley, UK commercial Director, Audience Project