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Broadcast Services

The Broadcast Services team is dedicated to providing operational and broadcast support services. We aim to take the technical responsibility from broadcasters, allowing in-house creative teams to focus on media planning, content production and acquisition.

We work with a variety of clients who are launching conventional, streaming, FAST and VOD channels, from training schedulers to wholesale out-sourced channel management.

We have a proud history of helping channels both on an interim basis through launch periods or during channel restructuring and in a supporting role for sustained periods of time.


Playout, also known as Automation, is the transmission of a TV channel from the broadcaster into the broadcast networks which deliver content to the audience - using bespoke hardware and software to amalgamate video programming, live streams and graphics into the broadcast output. Canis Television & Media operate a state-of-the-art, scalable and reliable playout operation co-located with Arqiva transmission equipment at their Chalfont Grove site. This new playout infrastructure benefits from direct access to the UK's major broadcast uplink providers. Additionally, we have fast, diverse data connections to the internet for OTT and online delivery, for live television broadcasts via inbound contribution services from point-to-point and internet data, and satellite downlinks.

Presentation Scheduling

Canis Television & Media uses specialist scheduling software to create and deliver presentation schedules, which interweave programme parts, interstitials, promos, commercials and secondary events such as bugs, dynamic graphics and pre-recorded continuity voice-overs at the clients' instructions.

EPG Data Delivery

Our team creates the EPG data and delivers to relevant broadcast platforms within deadlines.

Commercial Airtime Scheduling


Working in conjunction with the channel’s appointed advertising sales house (Canis Television & Media can recommend sales houses for advertising and sponsorship) we manage the client’s commercial airtime, ensuring the channel’s schedule stays compliant with OFCOM’s COSTA regulations where applicable.

Scheduling Databases


We maintain robust scheduling databases including all transmission metadata, historical EPG data, presentation schedules and break patterns. This important information can be used to create a number of reports at no additional cost.

Traffic Co-ordination


We liaise with suppliers of all broadcast assets including programming, promotional material and all advertising to ensure that all assets are in the correct place at the correct time to air as planned.

Post Transmission Reporting

Canis Television & Media oversees the delivery of Commercial AsRun logs as well as any other post transmission reports such as BARB or PRS.

Scheduling Software License

The cost of the monthly scheduling software licence is included in our scheduling monthly fees.

Relationship Management

Our team manages technical relationships with all relevant third parties appointed by the client such as broadcast platforms, the channel’s satellite capacity and playout facility, the channel’s advertising sales house and any content providers to ensure the channel runs efficiently and is a commercial success.

Committed Channel Management Executive


The client’s day to day operations are run by a committed channel management executive in the Broadcast Services team, supported by other senior company executives. The team conducts due diligence with regard to all pre-launch editorial and regulatory compliance, including the creation of appropriate editorial guidelines. We can also assist with responses to any Ofcom complaints and MID returns as well as hosting compliance training seminars specifically tailored to meet your requirements in the UK and overseas.


Whilst the above summarises Canis Television & Media’s channel management services, we are conscious that the editorial control of the client should stay with the channel’s production and advertising teams. By providing weekly and monthly promotion priority lists and programme plans as well as specific clock hour instructions, Canis Television & Media works to meet the appropriate channel standards.

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